Tajikistan National Agency
for Hydrometeorology


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  Гидрометеорологические  наблюдения и прогнозирование  

Hydrometeorological observations and forecasting

  • Providing the stakeholders with the meteorological information of the specific observation area;
  • Informing the stakeholders about the expected extreme weather events;
  • Providing the forecasting divisions with the data necessary for the short-term predictions.


  Наблюдения за водными ресурсами и ледниками  

Water resources and glaciers observations

  • Study of water-related phenomena with regard to hydrological change (glaciers’ current state, snow cover circulation, etc.);
  • Study of the hazardous glacial lakes;
  • Hydrological and geographical study of the water objects and conduction of the land-survey research of the glaciers;
  • Field and aero visual observations over the snow mass and glaciers.



  Изменение климата  

Climate change

  • Implementation of the commitments of the Republic of Tajikistan under the UN Framework Convention on climate change;
  • Systematic observations and climate change assessment;
  • Conduction of the Greenhouse Gas Inventory;
  • Assessment of the vulnerability and adaptation of the national economy, natural resources and human health to the climate change adverse impacts.