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  July 17-20 to the territory of Tajikistan due to the inflow of dry hot Iranian air through the territories of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, is expected increasing of day  temperature in the northern and central regions to 40-430 warm, in the southern regions to 44-460 warm, in mountainous regions to 31-360 warm, in the area of ​​Darvoz to 410 warm. Due to the increasing of temperature in the period of July 17-20, passage of glacial mudflows is possible in the foothill and mountainous regions of the DRS, Sughd region and western regions of GBAO. During this period, increasing of water levels is expected on the rivers Pyanj, Vakhsh, Zaravshan and their tributaries and the coastal erosion is possible.




Weather forecast for Dushanbe

Wednesday, July 17th
Few clouds, no precipitation
Thursday, July 18th
Few clouds, no precipitation
Friday, July 19th
Few clouds, no precipitation
Saturday, July 20th
Partly Cloudy, no precipitation
Sunday, July 21st
Partly Cloudy, no precipitation

Weather forecast for Tajikistan

Today forecast

Bohtar +40...+42°C
Dangara +40...+42°C
Darvoz +36...+38°C
Jirgatal +30...+32°C
Dushanbe +40...+42°C
Kulob +40...+42°C
Murgob +21...+23°C
Penjikent +37...+39°C
Panj +42...+44°C
Rasht +34...+36°C
Harog +31...+33°C
Hovaling +35...+37°C
Нujand +41...+43°C



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