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Tuesday, May 21st
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Thursday, May 23rd
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Saturday, May 25th
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Agricultural Research and Protection method from diseases and pests in the Republican district subordination 

        According to action plan, Agrometeorological Department of the Agency for hydrometeorology of the Committee of the Environmental protection under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan conducted agricultural research in he Republican district subordination  from 12 to 14 April 2019.The Research has conducted with participation of

Mr. A.Muminov –the Head of Agrometeorological Department and K.Odinaev-the Senior specialist.   

           The main goal and objective of research is study of  agricultural condition and fruit trees in case heavy precipitation in RDS which has fallen on 5 April 2019.

           During Research territory of Shurob, Hisar District has observed falling hail effect in western-east of Hisar Valley with intensive wind speed of 20-25m/s. The mass of falling hail effect has observed in the western part of valley particularly in fruit tree garden. Atmospheric precipitation felt more than norm  and effected to the agriculture grow and devolopment of fruit tree. Excess  moisture brought disease to agriculture. 

It is noted that Agrotechnical work conducted in 72 hectares of garden in Ghuriot  Village. 

  Grain crop is in a good condition in the central part of Hisar town. Agricultural crops were in the "earing" phase, and in some parts - in the "stalk"phase in some fields. In the southern part of the Hissar, the crops are in satisfactory condition. In the Central and Northern parts of the Shahrinav and Hissar districts of the state winter wheat  is noted as goo

      It should be noted that with the route survey of agricultural crops in Shahrinav district, the cities of Gissar, and Tursunzade was discovered that the damage after the hail is small.  Basically, the damage observed in the Northern part of Gissar and Shahrinav districts is 10-15%. During the fall of hail plum and cherry trees undergo damage much less often. Apricot trees were infected with diseases characteristic of fruit trees in the Central part of the Hissar, and some were recorded without fruit.

The case of disease of fruit trees is excess moisture of soil in the Garden of this region. They need to clear the weeds fields from Diseases of agricultural crop.

      Winter wheat is in a good condition in territory of Hisar and Shahrinav District.

            It is also noted, Grape growing and developing is in a good condition in Hisar and Tursunzoda District.

        In the summers, a plant grows 30-40 sm high, 50-60 sm high in the valleys in the pastures. The Rain fall is observed more than norm in RDS in this year and it is well opportunity for growing plants.

            Recommendation for the people of Republic:  conduct clearing in the gardens and on land with moisture, reducing soil moisture.

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